Eugenio: Preparing for the year 2021

Judith Eugenio
·1 min read

THE year 2020 has been a good example that everything can change in an instant. No one could have predicted the events this year has given us, but globally, we came together in harmony to fight against this virus for the survival of humanity.

The year 2021 can be just as unpredictable. But knowing your own destiny through Bazi is a good way to prepare for what may lie ahead for you this coming new year.

Your Bazi is based on your birth details, your birthday and birth time. Your Bazi is like your life’s blueprint—you can see everything there is to know about you and what else lies ahead of you. You get to know why you are the way you are, your weaknesses and strengths, and why you have the relationships you have with certain people and many more. Your Bazi tells you which career path you should take and the kind of people you attract. Your Bazi can tell you why you are depressed and why you experience betrayal from friends or family. Your Bazi can tell when and how you are going to lose or gain money.

Prepare for your 2021 because the year brings in a different energy for you. Arm yourself with this knowledge so you can take care of yourself, your business, your money and your relationships.

We may not have control of the date and time of our birth, but we have control over our thoughts and actions. God has given us the freedom or free will to craft the life that we want and you can start by choosing to know how to take the right steps moving forward.