Eugenio: September 2021 Feng Shui forecast

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The purpose of this Feng Shui forecast is to provide clarity. When the energy is positive, maximize to your advantage. When the energy is negative, you manage what you can with it.

The point of reference is your Main Door Sector: Stand at the center of your home and with a compass, identify where your main door is located (not facing).

East Main Door Sector

Do whatever you can to keep this sector quiet and undisturbed because negative energies are pervasive in this time. Bodily malaise, relationship problems, and tendency to make grave errors will be highly likely all throughout the month, so keep the East sector tranquil and noiseless.

Southeast Main Door Sector

There is much potential that wonderful opportunities such as promotion to higher roles, positive return on investment, or even sheer luck on a financial deal will come to you. Since you have great capacity to lead teams, expect being invited to spearhead a big project or manage a large group at work or in your civic organizations.

South Main Door Sector

The illness star will be the dominant energy for the month. Get yourself and your family vaccinated the soonest you can to protect yourselves against this raging virus. Make sure to also exercise regularly and don’t miss your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. And don’t carry on with any home renovation activities.

Southwest Main Door Sector

The positive energy for learning and romance will be blessing you immensely this time. Creativity and love will be thematic for you, so go and take advantage of this good energy by immersing yourself in academic pursuits and other artistic endeavors. Single ones, put yourself out there by meeting friends but keep social distancing protocols or sign up for online dating.

West Main Door Sector

There will be much magnified good fortune, in terms of unexpected wealth, harmonious relationships, and memorable activities with loved ones. Take advantage also of the affirmative vibrations by making future plans as early as now, whether it is for your career, business or personal life.

Northwest Main Door Sector

Wealth opportunities will abound, and financial blessings will come in the form of bonuses, commissions, stock dividends or rapid revenue increases. If you’ve been looking to close some deals soon, now would be a good month to do so, but make sure you study all your options so you can cover all your bases.

North Main Door Sector

Combative energies will be prevalent this month and could result in drastic consequences, so take heed that staying calm is the best advice for you. Avoid any marital spats, work conflicts and squabbles with family and friends. Keep this sector silent and unperturbed. Don’t push through with any home renovation activities like drilling, digging or pounding.

Northeast Main Door Sector

Completion luck will be anticipated, especially for those who are looking to finish projects successfully. There are also great developments in store, like landing a dream job, being offered a lucrative promotion, or expanding one’s business with accomplished collaborators. And if good tidings do come pouring in, make sure to share it with the people you love and care about.

Center Sector of Home or Office

Instances of betrayal and robbery will be higher this September, alongside tendencies of physical violence, cheating and threats. Keep your homes and office spaces protected by adding in more security systems in place. When you’re out driving too, especially at night, be mindful of the road at all times.

This Feng Shui forecast is based on the Flying Star Feng Shui system and is not a replacement for an in-depth and comprehensive Feng Shui home and office consultation.

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