Eugenio: Two sides of a coin

·2 min read

I have recently been reflecting on the trials that I faced last month. Knowing that August has passed made me feel like I have survived a tough month. However, after further reflection, this mindset of mine made me think that I was taking my challenges for granted. Treating possible learning experiences as something one must “survive” can take away lessons that could have been learned during the experience. Despite the struggles, though it may be difficult, one must be open to the fruits it may bear as it can benefit you in the future.

One of the three factors of Human Success or Failure is one’s Heaven luck. While Heaven luck can dictate one’s traits and characteristics, it can also predict favorable and unfavorable periods in one’s life. Furthermore, one is able to know in what aspect of one’s life something can be unfavorable as well. Knowing how one can be affected will prepare oneself to prevent enduring the totality of the bad energy of an unfavorable period in your life.

Usually, one is not aware of what’s to come—both good and bad. Oftentimes, one is expected to simply “make lemonade out of the lemons life gives.” Although surviving may be embedded into everyday life, one must not succumb to destructive routines. Noticing patterns, formulating understandings and critically thinking will not only help you accomplish the tasks in the routine one has formed, but also in breaking free from those routines by acquiring greater understanding.

Another factor to consider is one’s Human luck, which refers to one’s hard work. In this case, Human luck is used to break out of the destructive routines one has created. One’s routine often creates robots of oneself—only following and nothing else. By exercising our Man Luck, taking what one has mastered and learned from years of survival, one is able to apply that to other aspects of one’s life, thus, achieving a greater understanding.

In life, all is connected and are just two sides of one coin. One should not forget that although one got the bad side of the coin, there is nothing but misfortune there. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. With work and knowledge, one is able to take control and start to genuinely live by accepting all sides of it and learning from them all. Though some parts of our lives may not be as grand or pretty as the rest, it is why one is where one is now, but not where one is headed since that is decided by what we do now and what one has understood since.