Eugenio: Victims of circumstance

Recently, I have been listening to a lot of those videos about scary haunted houses and their backstory. After listening to a handful of them, I begin to see a pattern of misfortune experienced by those who lived in haunted houses. This misfortune that multiple residents have felt is what caused a certain building to be dubbed haunted. Despite the many reasons a house may be called “haunted,” the house itself bringing bad luck is a common occurrence in my line of work and can be the reason it is “haunted.”

One of the factors of Human Success that stands out in this case is Earth Luck, which is the Feng Shui of an area. In the context of a haunted house, it is possible that the house was just built in an inauspicious plot of land which could cause hardship. Additionally, the layout of the house could also contribute to the bad luck that it gives as internal Feng Shui matters as well. Despite all of Earth Luck’s impact, the unfavorable nature of a home could only worsen the unfavorable situation of the resident.

Another perspective to consider is how someone’s Heaven Luck, one’s fate and personality, could have affected the “Hauntedness” of a house. Everyone undergoes a cycle of favorable and unfavorable luck throughout life and it is possible that these people undergo an unlucky cycle during their stay at a house. Having a home which does not bring good energy and a cycle that signals hard times could only spell misfortune to those who live in it.

Oddly, I thought of people as I pondered how homes are deemed as haunted. Seeing how houses can be labeled as cursed because of where they were built and the wrong people living in them makes me think of people having bad reputations for things they can’t control and the wrong people coming in their lives. Despite the similarities, labels on people can cause more damage. Labels trap people in boxes which people have to work, struggle and overcome to improve and escape.

People, like haunted houses, don’t have to stay the way they are. With Man Luck, which is hard work, they can break through any label forces upon them due to the circumstance. Finding wonderful people instead of those that will push us further into our box and improving our circumstances will aid in breaking free from the box that one may be in. People can seem unlovable and unapproachable when negatively labeled, just like haunted houses, but once given a clean slate, they can shine bright and be the light other people need to escape their box.