Eva Longoria: I can spot cheese balls

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria instantly knows if a guy is a “cheese ball”.

Following the end of Desperate Housewives, the actress is producing TV show Ready for Love.

The series sees a team of professionals pair people with their perfect partners, and Eva has been meeting hopeful contestants to see if they are right for the show.

"I interviewed hundreds and hundreds of guys,” the star told Extra. “I’d know in five minutes if he's a cheese ball.”

Eva hasn’t always been impressed with the people she interviewed while working on the series.

The beauty revealed she has a system worked out to let the crew know which guys had failed in their bid to appear on Ready for Love.

“I had a code word to get them out,” she laughed.

As well as producing, Eva is also set to make her directing debut.

The star is making a short film which has been inspired by other people’s photos.

"I'm doing this project with Canon called Project Imagina10n,” she explained.

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