Evan Peters talks about *that* shocking Mare Of Easttown scene

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Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Mare Of Easttown star Evan Peters has spoken about filming that very dramatic scene on the show, explaining why he was a big fan of the scene and the way it was done. Warning: colossal, absolutely huge spoilers ahead.

We're all completely locked into Mare of Easttown right now. From the captivatingly sinister storyline to the stellar performances fans will tell you this series is a top tier crime thriller, it's basically in a tier all of its own. And one thing people are absolutely loving is the combination of Kate Winslet and Evan Peters, a pairing we would never have foreseen, but now never want to be without?!

So, we were pretty heartbroken (to say the least) after the last episode when Peters' character Colin was killed during a dramatic shoot-out with their prime suspect. But while we were mopping up the tears Peters spoke to NY Times about the scene, and explained why he was so happy with it.

"I like the idea that he gets shot because it's so real," Peters said. "That’s the way sickness and death is. It hits you in the most unexpected ways. You never plan to get sick. You never plan to die. It all just happens."

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

He also spoke about knowing the entire time that his character would only make it to episode five, explaining that he read all the scripts and was pretty shocked to learn his character's fate.

"Yeah. I bit the bullet, for lack of a better term. I was absolutely shocked when I read it, and I hoped and kind of knew that the audience would be shocked too, if we did Colin right.

"I was excited by the idea that that would happen, to craft this whole character and formulate this whole plot so it’s almost like we did it for that moment," he continued. "It’s this interesting way to develop a character, knowing that he’s going to die in such a way."

He also explained that Colin's death impacted the way he played the role, explaining that he wanted the character to be likeable so that he and the viewers cared when he died.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

"I didn’t really think about it [the scene where Colin is shot] much. I guess there was a different way to play Colin that’s a little bit more cocky and overcompensating for his impostor syndrome. I felt like I wanted to stay away from that because I wouldn’t really care if that guy got shot, you know?" he laughed. "I would care more if he was a likeable guy who you were kind of rooting for and wanting to grow and be a better person and sort of man up."

Well, frankly Evan, we care very very much.

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