Even Kim Kardashian is obsessed with Sex/Life

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Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Sex/Life on Netflix has started to infiltrate our everyday lives. When we're not watching it, we're seeing it on our TikTok for you page. And now, even our favourite celebrities are talking about it.

None other than Kim Kardashian took to Instagram Stories last night to share a screengrab from her group chat, where she revealed they were discussing Sex/Life. More specifically, the fact Billie and Brad aka Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos are dating in real life.

"MY NEW FAVE SHOW," Kim wrote to her 237million followers, tagging Sarah and Adam. She later added, "You guys have to watch Sex/Life on Netflix. OMG."

Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

The show, which is a Netflix original, centres around Billie - a married mum-of-two, who starts to have doubts about her husband Cooper when she runs into her ex-boyfriend Brad.

While she and Cooper have a happy, loving relationship, Billie and Brad had an insatiable sex life, and she finds herself torn between the two.

This isn't the first Netflix show Kim has been obsessed with. Back in March 2021, when she watched Bridgerton for the first time, she wrote on Twitter ,"It's finally happening!!! I'm not ok!!!! I can't quit you @bridgertonnetflix."

Over news that The Duke wouldn't be returning for season two, she added, "hAll the feels are coming back!!! Why is the @bridgertonnetflix sound track on while I am trying to relax and get a facial. I might start crying thinking about how The Duke isn't coming back. Just when I thought I was over it!!!"

Never change, Kim.


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