Make everyday gifts feel way more unique with this personalization machine

Ari Bines
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TikTok has proven that getting crafty is easily one of the quickest ways to cure boredom in quarantine. One device helping crafters, creators and organizers across social media is the Cricut Joy.

You’d be surprised what people are creating with this hand-sized device. The Cricut Joy isn’t an everyday paper cutter or label-maker. It’s that and everything you could dream of doing for your art and science projects in grade school. Think of it as a mini 3D printer, but for paper and vinyl materials.

Cricut Joy, $149.99 (Orig. $159.99)

Credit: Cricut
Credit: Cricut

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Take your design from your phone or tablet and the Cricut Joy cuts — and even draws — for you. Not to mention, you can make an affordable gift, and shoot, even custom wrapping paper for any holiday, birthday or celebration in literally no time.

The brand sent one my way with a few of its Cricut Joy accessories, and there are several ways to take advantage of this nifty little craft machine. Here’s my review of how the Cricut Joy works and what you can use it for.

1. Use the Cricut Joy to personalize everyday gifts

Credit: Ari Bines for In The Know
Credit: Ari Bines for In The Know

What You Need:

Unbelievably, TikTok and Instagram alone can give you wild ideas on how to use this gem daily or for special occasions. While the brand offers actual mugs and even a Mug Press, you can still customize your dull glassware without it. The Cricut Joy app lets you choose your project. Add or create your own shapes to the app and use your favorite Smart Vinyl to bring your design to life. To help you extract each piece of the fonts and shapes, the Basic Tool Set will come in handy to pull and apply the vinyl to objects.

2. Use the Cricut Joy to make custom cards

Credit: Ari Bines for In The Know
Credit: Ari Bines for In The Know

What You Need:

You can literally stop buying last-minute cards and make a card last-minute from home that looks like it took forever to select. The Cricut Joy app gives you a step-by-step breakdown of how to make the card using the brand’s Card Mat 4.5″ x 6.25″ and Insert Cards. The app connects your device to the Cricut Joy and offers a plethora of design options for your card. Once you select a card from the app, the directions will do the rest and cut out your custom design. Once you’re done, let the sentimental messaging begin.

3. Use the Cricut Joy to organize your life

Credit: Ari Bines for In The Know
Credit: Ari Bines for In The Know

What You Need:

Not many people talk about optimizing the space in your fridge, but it can make a huge difference. My carton of oat milk was too bulky, so I swapped it out for a plastic carafe I had lying around and made a milk label for it. All you need for this is the brand’s smart vinyl in whatever color you want.

My Cricut Joy review

Overall, the Cricut Joy is a gem for those who love to craft whether it be as a hobby or for a small business. However, it’s also a great device for those who are just starting out in the DIY space. Considering the app gives you step-by-step directions and a full catalog of design ideas, it’s kind of like being in your own little crafting factory. You plug in your favorite shapes, text and fonts, and with the press of a button, your cutouts and drawings look like a professional made them.

It may seem wild to invest so much in a crafting machine, but it’s worth it. When you’re away from your friends and family, this palm-sized gadget can do a lot to add a little personalization to help make you all feel just a little bit closer.

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