Everything Cardi B did to get the body she has now

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Photo credit: Cardi B - Instagram
Photo credit: Cardi B - Instagram

Anyone who's ever seen Cardi B's 'WAP' video will know that the singer-slash-rapper is hot with a capital H – and will understand why we decided to take a deep dive into everything Cardi B (real name: Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) did to build the WAP-inducing body she has now. You can thank us later.

Before we get stuck in though, let's remember that one person's beauty does not negate our own. So, whilst Cardi B's body may be pretty darn impressive, that doesn't mean you need to change your own in any way, shape or form.

Nevertheless, being a wee bit nosey never hurt anyone – and we find it useful to take tips and tricks from all our favourite celebrity workouts and embed them into our own as and when we feel like it.

With that in mind, here's everything we know about how Cardi B built her body...

What is Cardi B's workout regime?

Tennis try-outs

As part of her Cardi Tries series, the rapper ditched her trademark heels for a pair of tennis shoes and took to the court. "I’m so scared! I don’t want the ball to hit me!" Cardi B shouts at tennis pro Taylor Townsend, who's giving her a lesson.

During her lesson, Cardi B learns all kinds of different serves as well as how to give out an almighty – Wimbledon-approved – grunt. While we're not sure if she kept up with her tennis lessons after the episode was filmed, but she sure looks like she worked up a sweat here...


If you've ever seen Cardi B perform live, then you'll know she puts on one hell of a show. But those knock-out performances don't come easy, and the rapper puts in long stints at the dance studio in preparation for her concerts – just one quick look at her Instagram feed is proof of that. We're sweaty just thinking about those dance rehearsals.

Werk the pole

Cardi B has made no secret of the fact she's a former stripper – she even starred in a movie all about her previous profession, Hustlers – which undoubtedly played a big part in building her body. As anyone who's ever touched a pole will tell you, it ain't easy. In fact, it's estimated that one hour of pole dancing can burn as many as 250 to 350 calories!

What is Cardi B's diet?

Breakfast = important

Whilst it's common knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in Cardi B's case it seems to be her favourite as well, so much so that she often takes to social media to show off her envy-inducing breakfast spreads. Erm, anyone else craving pancakes right about now!?

Not giving up her faves

As we all (should) know by now, the key to a healthy diet is balance. And one person who's certainly aware of that is Cardi B, who makes sure she doesn't miss out on any of her favourite foods. If you don't believe us, just take a look at this video where she opts for leftover pizza and an iced coffee for breakfast, or this clip where she's tucking into a major seafood feast...

Going vegan

When she does decide to go on a bit of a health kick – like she did during her first pregnancy – the rapper opts for a plant-based foods. "Gotta' eat a lil' bit more healthy and see what the f**k is up," she said in an Instagram Story, per Live Kindly. "[It's my] first time eating vegan, y'all. I hope I don't waste my money. There's a burrito and there's a pancake."

Candy Queen

Remember what we said about balance? In Cardi B's world, that balance includes candy – so she's always sure to have her kitchen cupboards stocked with her faves.

Photo credit: Cardi B - Instagram
Photo credit: Cardi B - Instagram

So, there you have it!

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