Is this evidence that Ariana Grande has a new boyfriend?

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Celebrities seem to be understanding self-isolation as the equivalent of prom: who you're asking to self isolate with you is a big deal. Khloe and Tristan have reportedly quarantined together, while Love Island's Finn drove six hours to self-isolate with Paige. Now, Ariana is the latest celebrity to have reportedly professed love through the medium of quarantine, as she is thought to be self-isolating with rumoured new boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, an LA based real estate agent.

It all started in February when TMZ shared a video of Ariana kissing an unknown man in a bar in California. Fans quickly theorised that this was Dalton, who had helped Ariana find her home in LA, and that this was how the two met.

Fast forward to earlier this week and fans spotted some recognisable tattoos in the background of Ariana's Instagram stories at her home. In one screen grab, the man facing away from the camera seems to have the same tattoos as Dalton, while in another image the same man pets Ariana's dog, Toulouse, showing tattoos which fans have linked back to Dalton.

Props to Ariana's fans in all of this, who have done some real Coleen Rooney-level sleuthing here.

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Dalton is well-known for helping celebrities find houses in LA and is brother to Dakota Gomez a tattooist to the stars who has inked big names like Miley Cyrus. He is private on Instagram, but has been followed by Ariana since late 2019 - as pointed out by super-sleuth fans.

Nothing has been confirmed, of course, but it is pretty cute isn't it?

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