Ex-tanod kills apartment owner over talk of impending eviction

AN APARTMENT owner was gunned down by her boarder in Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City around 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 2, 2023.

Richie Sanchez, of Nicole Heights, Barangay Guadalupe in Cebu City, died before emergency responders could bring her to the hospital. Sanchez sustained a gunshot wound in the stomach.

Police are currently conducting a manhunt operation against Sanchez’s killer, former barangay tanod Joel Peralta, who managed to flee after the incident.

Maj. Nolan Tagsip, chief of the Abellana Police Station 2, said witnesses claimed that they last saw Sanchez going to Peralta’s rented room to collect the rent.

A few minutes later, they heard Peralta angrily shouting at Sanchez.

Minutes after, a gunshot was heard.

When a witness checked where the gunshot came from, she immediately saw Sanchez already bloodied, with a gunshot wound in the stomach.

According to the police investigation, Peralta was already angry with Sanchez after hearing that she wanted him to leave the unit he has been renting.

Tagsip said Peralta then planned to kill Sanchez and was just waiting for her to visit his rented room.

He said they might file a murder case against the suspect, adding that they will wait for the issuance of a warrant for Peralta’s arrest. (AYB / LMY)