Exotic fruits you need to try in Cebu

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It’s a good thing that people nowadays have become more and more health conscious because as they say, “health is wealth.”

Although no specific food item can directly protect us from the coronavirus, strengthening the immune system can keep our bodies in their finest state. That said, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help in that regard.

These include exotic fruits, some you’ve probably never seen or tried before.

Since 2017, entrepreneurs Bobby and Shera Mae Adan have been offering premium, exotic and local fruits with the goal of providing diverse fruit options through their business—Prutasan Ni Adan.

Now, with two branches located on J. Abad Santos St., Villa Aurora, Kasambagan, and Airport Road, Buaya, Lapu-Lapu City, the couple sources out their fruits from different countries such as the United States, China, Korea and Japan, among others.

Here are some of the exotic fruits you should try.

Black Corn

Who doesn’t love sweet yellow corn? But did you know that it has a black version with jet black kernels and a slightly purplish hue? It is chewy, starchy and sweet but not as sugary as modern varieties of yellow corn. Black corn is as versatile as yellow corn. It is good grilled, roasted, steamed and boiled, or can be used for cornbread, tortillas and cornmeal.

Fun fact: Black corn is boiled and used as a summer drink in Peru called chicha morada.

Donut Peach

Available in the late spring and through the summer months, donut peach is a medium-sized fruit that is round flat in shape with a dimpled center on each end. Its skin color is yellow-orange flushed with hues of rose, and ivory, and blush covered with a velvety finish. It has white flesh inside that is soft, and juicy, with a candy-like sweetness and notes of almond.

Kiwano or Horned melon

If you’re a fan of “Star Trek,” you’ve probably seen this unusual looking melon with thorns. Kiwano melon is a popular snack in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and some parts of the US. Its taste is described as a cross between zucchini, kiwi and cucumber, but as it ripens, it tastes more like a banana.

Winter Dates or Winter Jujube

Originating from China, this fruit is smaller than an apple but has a similar flavor—although its sweetness is more concentrated. It has a chewy texture, and the fruit fits into your palm. Rich in vitamin C, which is a good immune system booster, winter jujube is smooth-green when immature, and turns brown purplish-black when maturing.

Fun fact: When dried up, winter jujube becomes the famous superfood Chinese red dates that are popularly used as smoothie topping, or a healthy snack.


Though a lot of food and drinks here in Cebu contain strawberry, blueberry and blackberry, actually, getting these fruits fresh and not frozen is pretty hard. A strawberry that is at peak ripeness is sweet and juicy with a little bit of acidity. A blackberry is juicy, sweet, and at the same time sour, while a blueberry is tasty sweet with a little bit of acidity.

Fun fact: There are 200 seeds on an average strawberry and it gives off a sweet fragrance as it grows on bushes. Amazing, isn’t it?

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