Experts set to tackle precolonial Visayan fashion on March 20

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SCHOLARS and heritage experts will tackle nudity and fashion in precolonial Visayas in a blended event celebrating the 500 years of the arrival of Christianity, the victory at Mactan and Cebu being part of the first circumnavigation of the world.

The panel discussion, “Law-ay? Laysho? Nudity and Fashion in Precolonial Visayas,” will take place at Palm Grass The Cebu Heritage Hotel, 3 p.m. Saturday, March 20, 2021.

The experts will take a closer look at Pintados’ economic situation and social classes; jewelry and accessories; tattoos, clothing and nudity; weapons, amulets and sex instruments.

University of San Carlos (USC) professor Dr. George Emmanuel Borrinaga, a Visayas historian with a doctorate in history from the United Kingdom’s University of Hull, will look into the socio-economic factors influencing the precolonial Visayan fashion and the impact of Spanish colonization on native life.

University of the Philippines (UP) Fine Arts Professor Jay Nathan Jore will tackle the precolonial Visayan concept of art and beauty; and the design, materials and functionality of their body ornaments.

Ma. Cecilia Cabañes, Museo Sugbo curator and Chair of the Central Visayas Association of Museums, will showcase artifacts such as jewelry and fashion implements from the collection of Cebu museums.

Gavin Bagares of the heritage group Hamiling Binilin (Hambin) will give his insights on the discussion.

During the event, there will also be a physical precolonial fashion modeling contest showcasing the native Visayan fashion.

A video on the “Brassmasters of Lake Sebu” by Social Communications Asia’s Prospero Laput featuring the traditional jewelry-making of the indigenous peoples will be shown.

There will also be a trivia quiz with prizes on Visayan heritage and an awarding of winners for the reaction video-making contest on a video regarding some sex practices of precolonial Visayans.

The event is co-sponsored by National Historical Commission of the Philippines, National Quincentennial Committee, UP Cebu College of Communication, Art and Design, USC School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design, USC Department of Anthropology, Sociology and History, Museo Sugbo, Central Visayas Association of Museums, Diyandi Heritage Center, ArtCebu and Bisdak Pride.

It will be streamed live through the official Facebook page of Palm Grass and its event sponsors.