Exploring the brands under the “Bubble Tea Station” umbrella

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The milk tea industry in Cebu really took off around 2018, but the Bubble Tea Station brand has been around since 2012, slowly introducing the “milk tea craze” to its Cebuano market, and allowing customers to customize their drinks according to their personal preferences.

Ten years later, Bubble Tea Station (BTS) remains one of the oldest bubble tea/milk tea stations in Cebu and it has established itself as a reliable brand that never misses a customer’s craving. At present, it has 26 stores and kiosks across Cebu, and after hitting its tenth anniversary in May 2022, the brand plans to expand and move from Cebu to the rest of the Philippines.

Bubble Tea Station recently added two brands under its umbrella: Create Coffee PH and Scoops Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream. Each brand caters to a different product that appeals to the Cebuano market, so it’s time to talk about what makes each of these brands special.

Create Coffee PH

Create Coffee PH is immediately recognizable with its bright orange logo. Its entire branding structure is catered specifically to appeal to the Gen Z market and shares similarities with the BTS brand.

“We took what was great with BTS and applied it to Create,” BTS founder and owner Meyan Lim-Young says. “With some coffee brands, you can’t adjust anything, and that’s the opposite of what we wanted to do.”

Meyan used to work in a popular coffee franchise, and she had always wondered: “How can I create a perfect cup without spending a million in equipment?”

The answer came in the form of the cold brew method instead of the regular brewing method because of its long-term benefits for one’s health. “I used to get a headache when we were testing coffee flavors using the regular brewing method,” Meyan recalls. “But it all went away once we shifted to cold brew: the insomnia, hyperacidity, headaches, etc.”

Create offers the same customization to one’s drink that’s associated with the BTS brand. Customers can choose their preferred flavor, size, sweetness level, coffee-to-milk level, and add-ons.

Scoops Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream

What started as a craving for frozen yogurt from Meyan’s brother-in-law eventually became Scoops Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream. It offers the same customization found in the BTS and Create brands, so customers have free reign over their order.

The frozen yogurt aspect of Scoops introduces a “tangy” flavor to the classic dessert. Customers who are fond of sour treats may find Scoops’ frozen yogurt to their liking, especially because it’s easily pairable with toppings such as sprinkles, marshmallows, and mango popping pearls.

For customers who prefer their desserts sweet, Scoops’ soft serve ice cream is vanilla-flavored and perfect for customization with the brand’s wide range of toppings.

Going back to Bubble Tea Station

The entire Bubble Tea Station brand—and everything that falls under it—is a labor of love that started as a small “what if” from its founder, Meyan Lim-Young.

“It was supposed to be a one year project,” Meyan recalls. “On opening day, we planned to sell 30 cups to break even. We sold 120 cups.”

What began as one kiosk in Banilad Town Center has blossomed into a well-loved local brand customers can rely on.

Despite the challenges faced by the brand during the Covid-19 pandemic, it strived to maintain a strong social media presence and dominate the online food-delivery apps. It stays in touch with local trends and adds drinks to its menu twice a year.

To keep up with the interests of the Cebuano K-Pop fans, BTS came up with a limited line of drinks that were Korean-themed, called the “Korean milk series.” This featured drinks ranging from strawberry milk, banana milk, coffee milk, melon milk, and more! This line of drinks was popular within K-Pop circles, especially since customers received a small Korean sticker after every order.

Although milk tea stores are common in Cebu, Bubble Tea Station still comes out on top with its ten years of experience. “We wanted to be a company that people would be proud working for,” Meyan says. “This is not just a business for us. This is a craft that I’ve been perfecting for the last ten years.” SPONSORED CONTENT.

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