Fabiosa & Fabiosa: Kevin Bacon Fast Good

·1 min read

Yahoo Entertainment reports that when actor Kevin Bacon was a guest in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show last Monday, Kimmel showed him a restaurant logo which bears the name “Kevin Bacon Fast Good” around an image of Bacon’s face. Kimmel told Bacon that that was a logo of a restaurant in Argentina and that there are other “Kevin Bacon Fast Good” restaurants around the world. Surprised, Bacon said that it was the first time that he learned about this and that he did not give consent to use his name and image to this restaurant. Bacon quipped that he did not have photo approval as he described his image as used in the restaurant logo as a “kind of clown face.” Kimmel was also surprised that Bacon was not aware of this restaurant. Bacon then said that he will talk to his lawyer.

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