Fabiosa & Villamor: Bad faith trademark registration

·1 min read

In 2005, the Beijing Judian Restaurant chain opened in China. It currently has around 40 restaurants. In June 2017, Judian filed in Canada an application for the registration of its “JU DIAN & Design” trademark to promote its restaurant in Vancouver. Judian found out that a certain Wei Meng has already registered the “JU DIAN & Design” in Canada. Meng went to the Judian restaurant in Vancouver, accused it of stealing his “Judian” trademark, and demanded the sum of US$1.5 million for the trademark. Meng was then sued in a Federal Court for registering the “Judian” trademark to extort money from the Judian restaurant chain. The court ruled that Meng acted in bad faith in registering the “JU DIAN & Design” trademark in his name and ruled that Meng’s trademark registration is invalid. (www.vancouversun.com)

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