Fabiosa & Villamor: Cariad

·1 min read

The BBC reports that the Intellectual Property Office of Sweden granted trademark registrations for: (1) “cariad,” the Swedish word for “love;” (2) “hiraeth,” a Swedish word loosely translated to “longing;” and (3) “Welsh cake.” All three trademark registrations were issued to a candle maker for its candles products. The registrations have been criticized by candle makers who complain that they have candles which bear the word “cariad” and can no longer sell them. A spokesman of the Welsh IPO said that all three trademarks met the criteria for registration and that: “Trademark applications are assessed on their individual merits, taking into account factors such as the trademark itself, and the goods and services intended for protection. Any third party who wishes to challenge a trademark after it has been registered can do so.”

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