Faithful urged to sacrifice as a test of faith

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“FAKE ang gugma nga walay sacrifice. Fake ang gugma nga kutob lamang sa pulong ug di makita sa sakripisyo sa buhat.”

(Love without sacrifice is fake. Love must be seen through sacrifice and not just mere words.)

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma celebrated a pontifical mass for the Feast of Jesus of Nazareth 2021 at the Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus Nazareno in Barangay Cansojong, Talisay City on Saturday morning, Jan. 9, 2021.

In his homily, he encouraged the faithful to continue to endure and to sacrifice amid the coronavirus pandemic, reflecting on the image of Jesus of Nazareth who also suffered and sacrificed his life to give hope to many.

He emphasized the connection of the image of the Child Jesus, who was placed in a manger (where the food of animals was placed), to Jesus of Nazareth as the latter became the food and blessing for the faithful when he sacrificed himself on the cross.

This, Palma said, will lead the faithful to appreciate the celebration of the Feast of Jesus of Nazareth.

He also asked the faithful to repent for their sins and to thank the Lord for His love for them.

“When we look back, we know daghang mga pag-antos, daghang mga kasakit (there have been sacrifices and suffering). Perhaps you have friends nga tungod sa Covid, namatay (who died from Covid-19)... Tungod lang g’yod kay karong panahona, sacrifice pa kita (It’s only because we are living in a time of sacrifice). Sacrifice lang ta,” the prelate said.

He said when people question why they have to sacrifice to the extent that they do not understand anymore, he refers them to the ordeal of super typhoon Yolanda survivors in Tacloban City in 2013.

“Jesus is telling us, ‘Look at me. I have suffered what you are suffering. I am with you. You are not alone,’” he added.

He also cited the sacrifices of frontliners amid the pandemic as an ultimate expression of love. He said they continue to fulfill their duty so that many will be safe.

Palma assured that after the time of sacrifice comes the time of hope and new beginnings. (WBS)