'Fake bomb threat' causes commotion at Cebu City school

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A SLIGHT commotion occurred at the Asian College of Technology (ACT) campus on P. Del Rosario Street in Cebu City after local police responded to an alleged bomb threat at the school on Thursday noon, May 5, 2022.

Personnel from the Cebu City Tactical Operations Center (CCTOC) and from the Explosive Ordnance Division (EOD) arrived at the campus around noon after the former allegedly received a call from one of the school's personnel concerning a bomb threat.

The ACT campus also serves as the official headquarters of Cebu City South District Representative Rodrigo "Bebot" Abellanosa, who is also the founder of the school.

Major Kenneth Paul Albotra, chief of the Carbon Police Station, said the CCTOC reportedly arrived at the school after they received calls from a certain "Sanchez," who identified himself as a janitor of the school concerning the bomb threat.

The informant claimed that he had found a bag that was abandoned inside the school. The informant failed to specify in what portion of the school the bag was found, Albotra added.

Albotra said CCTOC personnel immediately cordoned the campus to prevent people from entering the school premises while EOD personnel were searching for the source of the bomb threat.

Lieutenant Franklyn Rosario, who heads the EOD team who responded to the incident, said when they got there to verify, they were informed by school officials that there was no janitor that had the last name "Sanchez" working for them.

Edwin Verano, ACT administration head, also confirmed this when SunStar Cebu interviewed him on Thursday.

He said that he and his fellow school employees were surprised that fully armed police officers were already at their doorstep.

Verano said he urged local police to investigate who was behind the fake bomb threat and file charges against those behind it. (BBT/JKV)

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