Family Feud: Lion Mom Wrestles Daughter Over 'Meaty' Thanksgiving Meal

A lion mother and daughter proved that human families weren’t the only ones arguing over dinner on Thanksgiving as they grappled over a “meaty bone” at California’s Santa Barbara Zoo.

Santa Barbara Zoo posted footage of the dispute on Facebook with the caption: “When you both want the last turkey leg…”

The video shows the pair gnawing at opposite ends of the bone for a few moments before the mother, Felicia, tries to pull the treat away from her daughter, Pauline.

Pauline doesn’t give up easily and tries to hold on to the bone, but Felicia uses her elbow to try and push her daughter’s head away.

“The two sit at an impasse for almost the entire video,” Santa Barbara Zoo wrote on Facebook. Though Pauline manages to squeeze the bone from her mother’s grasp, the quick Felicia grabs it back from her cub and emerges triumphant. Credit: Santa Barbara Zoo via Storyful

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