Family shares unusual dinnertime ritual with pet cat: 'We've just accepted it'

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This family includes all of its members at the dinner table — even the cat.

TikToker Luz Chavez-Gonzales’ cat likes to be in the mix of things. The feline doesn’t need to eat to enjoy dinner at the table with the rest of the family. While some pet owners might feel the need to shoo their kitties away, Chavez-Gonzalez just came up with a way to make her cat feel comfortable.

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“My cat likes to sit with us during dinner, so we just put on movies for him to watch while we eat,” Chavez-Gonzales wrote in the caption. “Total iPad kid.”

As the family gathered around the table, each person sat in front of a dinner tray with silpancho (a Bolivian dish with pan-fried burger and potatoes), rice, beet salad and eggs. The cat appeared to pull up a chair, too — but instead of digging into a meal, he watched an iPad.

While there is actual video content made specifically with cats in mind — like “Cat TV” — Chavez-Gonzales revealed her kitty was actually watching the Disney animated film Encanto.

The funny video received over 6.9 million views on TikTok.

“These kids don’t interact with their families during dinner anymore. So sad,” a user joked.

“Does he have a favorite YouTuber?” another asked.

“My cat sits on the table with us, and we’ve just accepted it,” someone wrote.

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