Family from Toledo ready to submit mom’s body to autopsy

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THE family of the mother and child from Toledo City, Cebu who died allegedly due to medical negligence has said yes to an autopsy suggested by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Central Visayas.

The NBI-Central Visayas said Tuesday, May 31, that it is planning to conduct an autopsy on the body of Immaline Villarino to shed light on her death last May 18, 2022.

Villarino’s family has been blaming the Toledo City General Hospital for the mother and child’s death. They said the doctors, midwives and other personnel of the hospital committed medical negligence that resulted in the victims’ death.

The family has asked for an independent investigation to be conducted by the NBI as they want those responsible punished.

NBI-Central Visayas Director Renan Oliva said Monday, May 31, that they are just waiting for the death certificate to be submitted to the agency by the family of Villarino.

Villarino was buried last May 21.


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Oliva said they are planning on conducting an autopsy on the body to really know what caused her demise. In case of an autopsy, Villarino’s body has to be exhumed.

Oliva added that he has assigned an NBI agent to handle the case.

In an interview with SunStar Wednesday, June 1, Villarino’s live-in partner Joevinel Magno, 34, confirmed that they have asked for NBI’s help and that they are ready to submit Villarino’s body for an autopsy.

"Ako silang giingnan (NBI) nga kon kinahanglanon gyud, ako gyud ning ipa autopsy kay gusto gud mi og hustisya ang amoa gud ani para ang kamatayon sa akong asawa mahatagan og hustisya," said Magno.

(I told the NBI that if an autopsy is really needed, I will really have her body autopsied because we want justice for my wife’s death.)

Magno said they were able to obtain the medical abstract on Villarino.

He added that they failed to get the other documents as the Toledo City General Hospital has refused to release the medical records without a court order.

He added that he failed to get a medical certificate, which is one of the documents asked by NBI, and he believes the hospital management had something to do with it.

The Toledo City General Hospital earlier vowed to conduct a thorough investigation on the matter. (PAC/LMY)

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