How famous Japanese ramen chain Ichiran ensures its toilets never run out of toilet paper

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One of the best ramen chains in Japan goes to incredible lengths to ensure that its customers have their toilet paper needs well covered.

A notice in the toilet cubicle of Ichiran Ramen reads, “As you see, Ichiran strives to make sure that you will never run out of toilet paper. If by any chance these toilet papers magically disappear, don’t worry! We still got you covered.”

Photo: Twitter

True enough, the famous ramen chain in Japan does have more than one toilet paper holder installed in their cubicles. They even check the toilets at least once every hour, boasting confidence in never running out of toilet paper. But, this is not all — they still have a “secret weapon”.

“If you ran out of toilet paper, please tear the paper here,” said the notice. No, they are not asking you to use some random piece of paper to wipe your butt. Quite the contrary, hiding behind this notice is some extra toilet paper to the rescue!

Photo: Twitter

“This is the kami-sama of toilet,” a Twitter user commented with regard to this interesting gimmick. (Kami can be used to refer to paper or God. In this case, it is a pun on the word kami.)

As for why Ichiran goes to this extent to supply toilet paper, they said they want to provide surprise and joy to their customers. Some outlets even have as many as 28 of such extra toilet papers in one toilet cubicle.

Whether this gimmick is effective, it seems there have been people who mischievously tore the paper. People who actually used it are few and far between. Nonetheless, Ichiran is glad enough if their “secret weapon” turns out useful for their customers.

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