Fans can't agree on Love Island's Toby and Chloe

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

It's safe to say that Love Island's Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows have had *quite* the rollercoaster of a relationship during their time in the villa. And, while we've almost lost count of how many times these two have recoupled, it seems after tonight's (August 3) episode, things are very much back on between the pair.

But Love Island fans have been left divided over the couple getting back together, and took to socials to share their, err, rather honest opinions.

"I can’t even lie Chloe and Toby are cute asf together lmfao and they both confuse the crap out of me," tweeted one viewer, "Y’all saying you want Chloe and Toby to win??? Are you okay? Do I need to call someone??" added another, with a third tweeting "in the world's biggest turn of events I now want Chloe and Toby to win."

Others were very much team Choby, with one viewer tweeting "I’m actually rooting for Chloe and Toby they got smiling at my TV." Another said "At this point I ship Toby and Chloe they are meant for each other," while someone else added "I actually ship Toby and Chloe, they’re both ridiculous and they’ve started to grow on me."

Elsewhere on the internet, fans were skeptical but excited about the drama the pair's recoupling might stir up.

"I actually started to like Chloe and Toby when they were separated from each other so bringing them back together is just a disaster to me," said one viewer, while another tweeted "It's actually team Chloe and Toby to the end for me you know – never seen a more chaotic couple and in this economy??? Stable is boring!"

Will Choby have their heads turned again? Who knows at this point tbh.

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