Fans think Jake Gyllenhaal just responded to Taylor Swift's All Too Well in latest photoshoot

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

It's been a solid few months since Taylor Swift released her 10-minute version of 'All Too Well', and the fandom went wild over all the Jake Gyllenhaal hints in the single. Now, it looks as though there's another development for us all to obsess over, after Gyllenhaal seemingly responded to the track in a not-so-subtle hint in his latest photoshoot.

To recap, Taylor first released break-up track 'All Too Well' back in 2012. Immediately fans theorised it was about Taylor's brief three month relationship with Gyllenhaal thanks to the timing; things ended a few months before the release of her album Red in 2012, where 'All Too Well' first features.

Following Taylor's fall-out with music producer Scooter Braun, the singer re-recorded a 10-minute version of the single with revised lyrics, which seemed to fans to be a pretty direct reference to her relationship with Gyllenhaal.

It may have been months since this drama all began but it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing. In a recent shoot for W Magazine, Gyllenhaal appeared wearing red heart-shaped sunglasses, just like the ones Taylor wore in the video for '22', the hit single that also appeared on Taylor's album Red along with 'All Too Well'.

Obviously, it didn't taken long for fans to make the link, with plenty of them taking to the comments on the post flagging the similarities, with many of them also pointing out that the photoshoot seems to have a specific red theme...

Referencing the re-recorded Red album, now titled Red (Taylor's Version), one fan wrote, "Jake's version! I am dying!" and another said, "Red shirt, the '22' music video sunglasses!! 💀 Jake and [photographer] Tim Walker woke up and chose violence."

Photo credit: Taylor Swift / Vevo
Photo credit: Taylor Swift / Vevo

At this point you could write sheer volumes on this drama. And, tbh, we would read them all.

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