Kylie Jenner speaks out over baby's gender amid speculation she's having a boy

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Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images
Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images

Kylie Jenner just spoke out about the gender of her unborn baby, amid fan speculation that she subtly revealed it was a boy.

Earlier this week, Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans went into overdrive that Kylie Jenner had quietly revealed she's expecting a baby boy, after she posted a new photo with her daughter, Stormi, aged 3.

Kylie recently shared that she and rapper Travis Scott were excited to be adding to their family in a heartwarming pregnancy announcement video, showing her attending scans and breaking the happy news to mum, Kris Jenner.

Under her latest post, however, Kylie fans are remarking that the make-up mogul may have just lowkey shared that she's carrying a boy... and it's all down to the colour she's wearing in a promotional shot for her latest business venture: Kylie Baby. (Which is exactly what it sounds like – baby care products, such as bubble bath and conditioner).

Uploading a sweet picture of herself cuddling Stormi, both wearing pale blue outfits, fans were quick to rush to the comments and suggest that this was a major hint from Kylie as to the sex of her unborn child (with sex referring to the biological aspects of an individual as determined by their anatomy – although, as we all know, the sex you're assigned at birth doesn't always match your gender identity). Traditionally, the colour blue is associated with males (but that's a whole other story for a whole other time...).

"I’m so excited to introduce @kyliebaby to you guys... it was a dream of mine to develop clean, safe, effective, and conscious baby care when I became a mom," Kylie captioned the picture. "I know we all want the absolute best for our kids so making this line completely vegan and hypoallergenic was very personal to me! I’m so proud of these products and couldn’t wait to share this with you and your family! launching September 28th ☁️ @kyliebaby"

Commenting underneath, one eagled-eye (or should that be overthinking?) fan wrote, "Someone’s having a boy!💙💙💙" quickly garnering over 2000 likes.

Another said, "Gives me the idea she’s having a boy 🤷🏽♀️" while a third commented, "Baby boy?💙". A fourth then added into the mix, "She’s obviously going to have a boy cause of the blue 💙"

Now, though, Kylie has indirectly shut the rumours down during her '73 Questions With Vogue' interview.

When asked if she'd thought of any baby names yet, Kylie replied, "Well, we need to find out the gender first, and we decided to wait.”

So that's the end of that rumour, then!

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