Farmer wants to be congressman, files COC

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A FARMER from Bogo City, Cebu is trying his luck for the first time for a national position in the upcoming May 2022 polls, intent on helping hard-knock constituents, especially amid the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.

On October 6, 2021, Salvador Cariaga filed his certificate of candidacy as congressman in the 4th district.

Cariaga is a farmer who owns Aracal Nature Farms in Bogo City, Cebu.

He said that one of the big challenges now is related to economic problems. He planned to contribute to the economy through food security in his district.

“I'm a farmer. I believe that the solution to our economic problems is our need to be self-sustaining through food security,” he said.

He said that he is a new face in the political scene. Even if he wouldn’t win in the 2022 election, he said could still contribute to the progress of the Cebuanos.

“Unfortunately, the state of our nation is in need of leadership. We need leaders who are incorruptible. I have no money, I have no machinery. Today is the first time I have actually talked about politics and I believe that even if I don’t win, I can be a part of the conversation on how to address what our country needs. It needs men of principle, it needs men of character,” he said.

Cariaga will run against Congresswoman Janice Salimbangon of One Cebu Party and Association of Barangay Councils - Cebu Federation President Celestino "Tining" Martinez sa Partido Pilipino sa Pagbabago. (ANV)

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