Father’s Day special: Young fathers in public service

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Fatherhood is a privilege as well as a big responsibility. It brings about unparalleled joy and with it, the trials and difficulties of everyday life. Yes, ups and downs are very much part of being a father.

Today is the day dedicated to them and we focus on two young Dads who are in public service, re-elected Rep. Duke Frasco of the Fifth District, and newly minted Rep. Edu Rama of our city’s South District.

SunStar LIVE! (LIVE!): What’s the best part of being a Dad?

Duke Frasco (Duke): “Having kids has filled my life with so much happiness, a sense of purpose in that I always make sure I am living my life in a manner that would make my children proud.”

Edu Rama (Edu): “Just some of the things I enjoy the most about being a dad are all the hugs and kisses I get from my three children, the simple joys of everyday moments as they grow up, being able to rediscover and experience things again through a child’s eyes, and all the memories we make along the way.”

LIVE!: As a busy politician, how do you “budget” your time?

Duke: “Very carefully. Over the years I have learned to manage my time well for work and family.”

Edu: “Trying to balance work and family life is always a challenge for any parent and it will always be at the sacrifice of one over the other. Instead, I make sure that I am always ‘present’ when I’m with them.”

LIVE!: When is the best time for you to interact with the kids?

Duke: “In the morning at breakfast.”

Edu: “When we have meals together and talk about each other’s day.”

LIVE!: Do your kids understand that you are a public figure and what is their reaction?

Duke: “My older kids do. They take it with both curiosity and responsibility in that they want to know what I do and are keen on giving me suggestions on how else I can ‘help others,’ as they say.”

Edu: “They got a sense of it during the campaign period when they saw my posters and as still very young kids they would get thrilled every time they see it, and ask and wonder if I was well-known. It became a teaching moment. We make sure to let them know of the big responsibility that comes with public service, how it is rooted in the privilege and trust given by the people, and that it is an opportunity to help and make an impact for the common good. It also made them understand why I could not be with them all the time.”

LIVE!: Are you open to the idea of any of them following in your footsteps?

Duke: “I would want them to pursue their interests and pursue their own professions before considering a life in politics.”

Edu: “We will always support my children in whatever they dream to be and hope to achieve in life.“

LIVE!: As a public figure how do you protect your kids from too much exposure to the public?

Duke: “I think it’s a matter of balancing the amount of exposure we give our kids. What is important to me and Christina is that we give our children the experience and the understanding of the real world, and to develop a sense of empathy for others.”

Edu: “With the pandemic, they have not really been out. When it is deemed safer to do so, I plan to take them with me around more.”

LIVE!: Who is the disciplinarian in the family?

Duke: “Mostly Christina, but I intervene in certain instances.”

Edu: “My wife, Jaja.”

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