Father's sacrifice goes viral on Facebook

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(Source: Aldi Relqno/Facebook)
(Source: Aldi Relqno/Facebook)

Many were moved when a netizen shared his father’s sacrifice for their family.

In a post on Thursday (September 2) that has since garnered 70,000 likes and 28,000 shares, Facebook user Aldi Relqno shared a video of his father eating. In the caption, Relqno opened up about how his father skipped dinner so they could have more food.

"This is what Papa does when we go to sleep. He eats at midnight. At dinnertime, he says he is either done eating or still full,” Relqno wrote in Filipino.

Relqno believes his father does this so the rest of the family will have more to eat. “He always gets up around this time... And last night I followed him without knowing,” he added.

He said that his tears just flowed when he saw that his father was only eating anchovies and onions.

Relqno went on to share that his father was run over by a truck in March. And that so far, nothing has happened in the case.

"Until now, I can tell that it's hard for Papa to move because of his injury. But he doesn't let my brothers and sisters know. Please help me to convey the problem to sir Raffy Tulfo. I feel so sorry for him,” Relqno said.

Seeking for justice, Relqno shared x-rays of his father’s broken right arm.

(Source: Aldi Relqno/Facebook)
(Source: Aldi Relqno/Facebook)

For now, it is unclear if his father will be able to return to being an OFW because his broken arm.

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