What’s your favorite trend of 2019?

Christian Jay B. Quilo

AND just like that, 2019 is almost over. We’re only a couple of days away from the new year, a new decade. As we cap yet another great year and usher in a new one, let’s look back on some of this year’s highlights. To recap on the year that was, we ask some from the SunStar soft pages team on what their favorite trends are from 2019. Check out their favorites:


Cassandra Faye Poculan,

Weekend and Marketing Billboard Editor

“It’s been over a decade since milk tea was first brought to the Philippines but it never caught on as strongly as it did this year. Practically everyone has hopped on the boba bandwagon and milk tea chains both local and international have become a dime a dozen. Although the sweet iced beverage is not exactly my cup of tea, the obsession led to its many different iterations, two of which I absolutely love—milk tea soft serve and milk tea creme brulee (a recent discovery!).”


Luis Quibranza III,

Live! Editor

“This year was an amazing year for local music. While the electronic dance music scene continued on, more indie artists emerged from all parts of the country. Singer-songwriters are huge now (think Ed Sheeran) but then pop is also making a fierce comeback (think Billie Eilish). Big companies like Coke and Globe are now supporting bands, and thanks to artists like December Avenue and Ben&Ben who proved that band music can become the next big thing.”


Romayne Danielle Rivera,

Online Marketing Producer

“There were a lot of quirky beauty trends to have emerged this year but my favorite would be the messy, brushed up brows. It’s the trend I like the most simply because it gives me a reasonable excuse to use mascara on my brows! Gone are the days when I have to spend at least 30 minutes to perfect those IG-worthy brows. Now, whether I’m sporting full-on makeup or just that natural glow kind of look, I just use my good ol’ mascara after I’m done using it on my lashes.”


Marymil Cabrera,

Production Assistant and Soft Pages Writer

“Last month, I was introduced to orgonites by Orgonite Maharlika PH. I fell in love the first time I laid my eyes on one, even if I didn’t know yet how it worked. It’s a glow-in-the-dark orgonite, composed of resin, metal shavings and a bit of quartz. The founder was kind enough to give it to me. Now, it’s the perfect addition to my sacred space, a place where Imeditate and where all my essential oils, candles, oil burner and crystals are.”


Dexter Duran,

Graphic Designer

“Graphic design in 2019 ran in two opposite directions. The minimalist cool of muted pale tones and ample white spaces still permeated the various avenues where graphic design is concerned, but graphic design in 2019 also started to show maximalist tendencies, parallel with streetwear and pop culture’s current flirtations with the ‘90s aesthetic: Bold, loud colors, stretched-out typefaces and an overall erratic and cluttered feel. Trends come in cycles, as they always say, so it remains to be seen what everyone will pin down on their Pinterest boards for the coming year.”


Monica Lopez,

Live! Fashion Writer

“Trends come and go and the headband is one of those that came back in full swing. Gone are the days when headbands are accessories reserved only for school girls. I like it because more than keeping our hair in place, it’s the closest thing to a crown—especially when it is bunched up with jewels and sparkly embellishments. It also doesn’t put a dent on your wallet so it’s pretty accessible to anyone. Wear it to work, on casual days or even to a party, the headband is there for all intents and purposes and adds a pop to your ensemble. Just find the style that suits your taste.”