FCA's UAW workers to get $8,010 profit-sharing payout

Joe Lorio
·1 min read

UAW workers at FCA will soon be receiving $8,010 checks, which represent profit-sharing based on the company's 2020 performance. Although FCA's profit margins in 2020 were slimmer than the year prior, the union-employee payouts are slightly larger, due to a change in the formula that was negotiated in 2019 and has now gone into effect.

Employees are now paid $900 for every 1% of profit margin FCA achieves in its North American operations. For 2020, the company enjoyed an 8.9% profit margin, and although that was down slightly from 9.1% in 2019, the checks are larger than last year's $7,280 payout.

Still, FCA employees didn't fare quite as well as their counterparts at GM, who stand to receive profit-sharing checks of up to $9,000. GM workers did even better last year, netting $10,000.

UAW workers at Ford had less to celebrate. They'll receive $3,525, based on the company's 2020 performance. That's a steep drop from last year's $6,600.

FCA earned $6.472 billion in North America in 2020. The company is expecting an improved financial performance in 2021, as it's expected to avoid another coronavirus-related shutdown. It's also expected to benefit from the launch of the three-row Grand Cherokee L, as well as the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, all of which are high-margin products.

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