'Feeding Frenzy' in the Shallows at Western Australia Beach

An early morning walk in Geraldton, Western Australia, provided a local resident with the sight of a shark or shovelnose ray feeding close to shore on January 21.

In footage captured by Paula Moses, the creature can be seen flapping against the waves at Point Moore Beach.

“The shark had come in much shallower but I was too late to capture that on video,” Moses told Storyful.

She added, “It appeared to be in the midst of a feeding frenzy, going up and down a small stretch of beach for about five minutes before swimming off into deeper water.”

The “little dude” was “having some breakfast,” Moses said on Facebook.

Commenters on the video suggested the fish could have been some species of shovelnose ray, rather than a shark. Credit: Paula Moses via Storyful