Ferrari-driving bus lane violator in Makati slapped with measly PHP150 fine

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The driver of a silver Ferrari 488 GTB who was caught cruising through a lane exclusively reserved for buses in Makati over the weekend was fined a measly PHP150 (US$3) for his violation, authorities confirmed yesterday.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said that it also issued a ticket to the unnamed 26-year-old from Bataan for disregarding traffic signs, but said that private vehicles which encroach on the bus-only lane along EDSA should be charged PHP1,000 (US$20).

MMDA Spokeswoman Celine Pialago told reporters that it was the discretion of the apprehending officers to fine the driver PHP150, but added that future violators could still be charged PHP1,000.

Pialago, in another interview with news show 24 Oras yesterday, denied that they had given the luxury driver special consideration. She said that there was “confusion in the information campaign” of the MMDA, as there was no concrete barriers dividing the bus lane. Pialago also claimed that people from the provinces may not have been informed of the lane’s exclusivity.

The spokeswoman added that the fine and ticket can no longer be changed.

“Our system of apprehension is physical and on time (sic) to what happened to the violator who was riding the Ferrari. Most probably it will not change,” Pialago said in English and Filipino.

The government’s traffic council apprehended the private luxury car on Saturday evening near the Guadalupe bridge at EDSA’s southbound bus lane, and posted photos of the infraction, naturally irking many Pinoys who said that the scanty fine should match the cost of the car.

“It’s a Ferrari…nothing but coins to it, he should be fined PHP500k [US$10,129],” said one Arnel Salamo Bangsi-il.

“[PHP]100,000 should be the fine, and a license suspension for 6 months,” wrote Rod Lego.

<i>Photo: InterAgency Council for Traffic – IACT / FB</i>
Photo: InterAgency Council for Traffic – IACT / FB

Pre-owned Ferraris alone can fetch for as much as PHP30 million (US$607,743) in the Philippines, and limited edition variants and models can cost billions of pesos.

The MMDA has said that only ambulances and emergency government vehicles are exempted from using EDSA’s exclusive bus lanes.

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