Fetalvero: The Chinese connection

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Are we getting the bigger picture now that some politicians have already announced to run for the two highest positions of the land?

If I may quote two lines from the TV series “Designated Survivor” in order for us to have a deeper perception on what it entails to hold the presidency and vice presidency: “Loyalty is a consequence of leadership and leadership is the touchstone of competence.”

“Presidency is more important than a single person. It is only a position but it carries with it a much bigger responsibility.”

The above quotations should be the bulwark of our convictions when we make our decisions as to who we send to Malacañang. Voters have to beware of politicians who claim they are running for the love of the country. To candidates with this brand of politics, if you want to achieve your goal, have a timeline and stick to your established deadlines. Do not say you still have some unfinished business and make excuses why you want to run again for public office.

Our candidates talk about the usual reforms like cleaning up the government of corruption, ending poverty but dodge the issue of climate change and global warming and social stability like housing for the informal settlers.

What I am most worried about is someone’s quick rise to power. It looks like the clock is ticking and someone’s bigger agenda is on a timeline. The bigger picture has something to do with recent developments abroad. Our political landscape suddenly shifted to this one person who used to be in the shadow of our President.

Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go’s innuendos seem to be that he is not interested in the presidency. Whatever will develop in the political arena in the coming weeks will determine whether or not my analysis of the scenario is right or wrong.

The whole world is in panic mode with the different variants as a result of the pandemic. The United States and Europe are overwhelmed with the Afghanistan evacuation and the impact of global warming threatening to destroy food supplies. China, perhaps, is sticking to its homogeneity agenda. If our authorities are not careful, we will end up being a province of China. Arturo Pacho, who made a report on the Chinese community in the Philippines, said that “most of the Chinese who settled in the Philippines came from the province of Fujian and Guangdong in Southern China,” where Go’s rich ancestors came from.

With the backing of China, Go will have unlimited campaign funds. What happens then?

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