Fetalvero: Make Christmas merry for everyone

“WHY can’t every day be Christmas?”

Those are the words from an Elvis Presley song that challenges our minds, suggesting a meaningful approach and perspective of Christmas. What the legendary singer/actor wanted to impart is the message of unselfishness and sensitivity to the needs of others.

In one of my regular visits to my doctor, our candid conversation brought us to the topic of “giving back” to the less fortunate. Her stance on too much partying and merrymaking among us during the yuletide festivity, got me into meditation mode. She said: “We should not over indulge ourselves with parties here and there. Instead, we should involve in some feeding program and share our blessings to those who have less.”

My physician friend also voiced out her observation that there are just too many among us who cannot afford to buy expensive medicines to cure certain illnesses. I also shared with her my personal experience when I was at a pharmacy. I could only empathize to a situation wherein a customer’s prescription required 20 tablets but the elderly woman’s money could only buy half of the prescribed medicine. Perhaps, our government’s Universal Health Care could address our elders’ dilemma.

While making a grocery list and in checking it twice, let us be mindful of the homeless, of the families of street children who would very much welcome to partake a dish prepared by you.

Reminiscent of the Filipino traditions, we play our Christmas carols, dig for Christmas trimmings and decorate our houses. There seems to be a race as to who decorates the tallest Christmas tree and the biggest lantern. We also spend so much time in the kitchen cooking for family and friends. Christmas is the time of the year when in celebration we get carried away and get intoxicated with the yuletide spirit.

Resilience makes our poor “kababayan” to be contented with hot pan de sal and instant noodles for Noche Buena. How are the children in evacuation centers in northern Luzon who were rendered homeless due to the devastation of typhoon “Tisoy”? How about those families living in tents in Mindanao in the aftermath of the 6.9 earthquake?

We tend to be more generous in this time of the year. What are you waiting for? Put a smile on their faces. Send that box with some “bundles of joy.” Hopefully, these donations from all over the country will provide them warmth and nutritious meals. Why can’t every day be Christmas when love and kindness prevails?

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