Fetalvero: Discoveries and rediscoveries

Noemi Fetalvero
·2 min read

“THERE’S no place like home.” This phrase is given a renewed meaning and appreciation as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) discovered their potential to make a living right here in our poor country amid all kinds of quarantine and health protocol. During this health crisis, there are so many discoveries and rediscoveries. Some are poignant, others are amusing. The resilience of our countrymen to tackle crisis allowed them to discover that needs could be made simple and wants be put under the list “not in our priorities.”

Families reunited have never been this committed to assist each other in every way possible in order to survive. Food catering, online marketing and deliveries are some of several business ventures entered into by OFWs and those who went jobless when businesses closed.

Some discovered their potential to create and invent, enhancing their God-given gifts, talents and abilities. What is amazing are the rediscovered skills that were long-forgotten due to the rigmaroles of living and getting busy with mundane things that were not essential.

Filipino children have been missing the full benefits of paternal or maternal love for decades when a parent or parents go abroad to work. The inevitable bonding of families during this Covid-19 crisis is priceless. The curfew imposed on the citizenry has allowed Filipinos to reassess the value of time spent with family. Parents and guardians rediscovered their responsibility of keeping their children from harm’s way, especially in the evening.

Our young who have long been engulfed by Western culture, spending nights in bars or meeting friends at the malls, are discovering that they could be better citizens of this country by extending help to the frontliners who are unable to go home to their families.

Businessmen with horses’ blinders, focused on the ledger for return of investment and profits, rediscovered their social responsibility by partnering with government at the outbreak of the dreaded disease. Food packs could not have been facilitated and distributed faster had it not been with the cooperation of the business sector.

In the Bible passage Luke 10:8, a healing isn’t presented as a miracle. In Mother Eugenia’s prayer, “God in His infinite wisdom, knows better what’s good for us. In God’s infinite power, He brings good even out of evil.”