Fetalvero: Drugs and Covid-19

Noemi Fetalvero
·2 min read

THE most vulnerable people aside from the children and the elderly during this pandemic are the individuals who are addicted to illegal drugs. This finding came from an author of the book entitled “Dopesick.”

Restrictions to movement has not deterred the trafficking of illegal drugs. There were reports of shabu being transported as legitimate food deliveries. According to medical experts, the withdrawal time for addicts is the most challenging, depressing time.

It is the contention of medical experts that depression is a demonstrated cause of ill physical health, including deleterious effects on the immune system.

“Equally striking is the fact that liberation from depression produces an almost automatic boost in the number of disease fighting immune cells. The best depression-blockers are a strong will to live, blazing determination and a sense of purpose best expressed perhaps by interesting and useful activity.”

A number of immunologists, psychiatrists and psychologists met in the US to discuss psychoneuroimmunology, aiming to study the biochemistry of emotional states. Since Covid-19 hits one’s immune system, the initiative is well taken into consideration.

“How did hope, will to live, faith, laughter, festivity, purpose, determination register in the brain? What effect did they have on the body? Was it possible that the brain might play an active part in the healing process? Might the brain be consciously directed for that purpose?”

It was reported that people who experienced the symptoms of Covid-19 panicked. Instead of consulting a physician, they went to the barangay hall thus, unknowingly spreading the disease. Public education on health matters is crucial as well as the role of the attending physician.

“The physician’s ability to reassure the patients is a major factor in activating the body’s own healing system. The wise physician gives careful attention to the environment of medical care. Circumstances surrounding treatment can affect the result.”

Looking into our health care system, the lack of isolation centers, medical workers and health personnel may have contributed to the relatively high mortality rates. There are almost 8,000 Covid-19 reported deaths in the country.