Fetalvero: Faithfulness

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After we say our morning prayers, what are we prepared to do? The next question is: “Are we in full control of what we are about to do?”

While still contemplating on what we intend to do, it might help to ponder on Mother Teresa’s words: “God does not require us to be successful. He only requires us to be faithful.” Faithfulness is synonymous to truthfulness.

Can we be faithful to our God and be unfaithful to our neighbors? Sometimes we measure our success by how many infractions we made that got unpunished.

I think we have to be truthful first to ourselves before we can be truthful to others because in the end, we might be able to escape being confronted but we will never be able to escape destiny. What goes around comes around, so to speak. What we are destined to face if we keep evading the truth is to continuously tell lies.

What we need most under this pandemic is faithfulness to our God that He might help us through in our dilemma. Since faithfulness is synonymous to truthfulness, we should see to it that we give the accurate statistics, correct results of scientific studies and data verified and validated before making it public.

It is rather difficult to understand any information if it keeps changing. Conflicting reports only result in confusion. Sometimes, medical experts and local government units share different information regarding quarantine, vaccination and virus exposure.

Why don’t you give us the facts? Unadulterated, not politicized, and unencumbered by personal interests?

The Social Amelioration Program (SAP) of the government has its good intentions when it allotted billions of pesos to help our bewildered citizens under this pandemic. However, good intentions are not enough. The claim of Sen. Manny Paquiao regarding alleged irregularities on the distribution and disposal of funds under the SAP must be fully investigated so that the beneficiaries will avail of the financial assistance to its fullest. It is a sin to gain on the misfortune of others.

In social media, there are many among us who see the “glass” as either “half full or half empty.” It does not matter whether the glass is half empty or half full as long as we are being truthful to what we see.

Can we say we have achieved success in our war on drugs? Can we claim success in the fight against graft and corruption? How do we rate ourselves in this battle against Covid-19 and in the vaccination efforts? Let us be faithful.

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