Fetalvero: Health insurance premium to rise

Noemi Fetalvero
·2 min read

OUR government faces a dilemma in contact tracing. This may be due to the fact that there are individuals who have lost their jobs, thus losing their insurance coverage as well. Millions of Filipinos have become unemployed as the pandemic forced establishments to close.

Some Filipinos would rather stay home and commit to self-quarantine instead of being hospitalized for fear of being unable to pay for their confinement. Contact tracers reported to the Department of Health that there are contacts who do not respond to their call. Some are no longer found after being informed that they must be subjected to Covid-19 testing.

The Global Banking and Finance Review reported that health insurance premiums are expected to go higher this year up to 40 percent to cover the costs of the coronavirus affected patients. “Being in the middle of an active pandemic, it is no rocket science that health is tied to national health. One person testing positive puts the entire people in the community at risk, increasing the strain on both health care and insurance services.” Global Banking and Finance Review said insurance companies saw the need to redesign insurance policies: “Incorporate individual as well as community health and its effects on access to care.”

It added: “The policy should co-pay to change the resources towards the greatest health benefits without any co-pay to coronavirus testing.” While one of the tests is given free, some have to pay thousands for the testing.

The current emergency health crisis is draining our country’s health care system. Prior to the pandemic, our government was talking about a universal health care system. It is silent on the matter since it has its hands full on the issue of vaccine procurement, the cost of which does not come cheap.

Under this new strain of Covid-19, our government should think of ways to ease the burden of those who not only lost their jobs but their health insurance as well.

Under the circumstances, it is prudent that we consider getting health insurance through the coverage of some members of the family. Or research into how the government can assist in case we get sick so we do not have to hide from contact tracers who are merely doing their earnest effort to stop the spread of the dreaded virus.

Our local government units are trying their best to contain the widespread. As citizens of this country, let us do our part and religiously comply with health protocols.