Fetalvero: Keeping safe in a subdivision

Noemi Fetalvero

BE VIGILANT and be a good observer under the health crisis. This is what I advise my grandchildren. During the enhanced community quarantine, I observed several habits and practices committed by the youth now that we are in a general community quarantine. Some are good and noteworthy, while some I will not recommend. In order to stay safe and healthy, here are some tips.

Most subdivisions have a basketball court. Do not dribble on the street on the way to or from the court. Some people spit and sneeze while on the street. Droplets from an infected person may be on these hard surfaces. Moreover, several pet animals relieve themselves on our roads, especially when there are no empty lots.

While playing badminton on the street, do not touch your sweaty face. After the game, clean your racket and ball with a sanitizer or alcohol. Wash your hands and then after drying them, wipe your face with a clean handkerchief or towel. This safety tip also applies to those on the basketball court. A small bottle of sanitizer or alcohol should always be handy when you need it.

While jogging or brisk walking, do not pet other people’s dogs. According to medical experts, there is a bigger chance of you spreading the virus to animals than the pets transmitting it to you.

Never walk around your subdivision with an uncovered bowl of food in your hand. It’s also not advisable to be eating from a barbecue stick while in public places.

Children are kind and do not mind lending their bikes, scooters or toy cars. Ask your friend if it is okay to disinfect the equipment first before you enjoy the ride. I am certain your friend will not get offended if you ask politely. While kids have been ordered to stay home, adult members of the family may have been in and out for their errands. It is always safe to take some precautionary measures.

General community quarantine doesn’t mean we have to loosen up our guard and be complacent. Covid-19 is still a big threat to our health. In juxtaposition with the new norm are the enumerated safety tips as a possible safety net. Let us continue to observe social distancing and wear our masks each time we leave the house.