Fetalvero: Long-term solutions

·2 min read

If we browse through social media, it will become apparent how people give more emphasis on feelings than on ideas on how we can make our world a better place by touching the hearts and minds of our readers.

We are quick to criticize and be judgmental, not taking into consideration that while we are expressing our feelings, we are hurting other people’s feelings. Most of the time, we whine about the affairs of government instead of suggesting productive ways to improve our predicament.

The longest serving Prime Minister in Britain and the first woman member of parliament, Margaret Thatcher, suggested: “Do not just whine. Do something about it.” She was not afraid to speak her mind even among men who, in several instances, tried to question her views. Most of the time, she won the argument.

She observed that people do not think anymore. They feel.

“One of the greatest problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than they do about thoughts and ideas.”

By taking a closer look at the countries encountering social unrest among their citizens, we can only deduce that the agenda of leaders are close to their whims and caprices. Situations have not changed until the pandemic somehow altered the equation.

However, some things never change. Leaders do not have the monopoly of selfish and hidden agenda. Even among the grassroots, we hear people ask: “What can I gain from it?” or “What is in it for me?”

People rally to where they can gain something out of the situation. We are very shortsighted. We do not look for long-term solutions.

Election is still months away but there are already people positioning for public posts. We have to be mindful of who is worthy of our trust and confidence. We have to research and analyze what they say. Since our hot issue is the encroachment on Philippine territories, there are those who will capitalize on it and wear a “patriotic” persona.

The agenda of the deprived and impoverished must be their true agenda. How do we know that? Stop, look and listen to what they are not saying. We should know where their campaign funds are coming from. Who are their supporters to include corporations and the influential?