Fetalvero: Mixing the blues with gratitude

Noemi Fetalvero
·2 min read

WHEN everyone else is having fun and merrymaking, there’s a percentage of the world’s population that is experiencing loneliness.

The forgotten grandparents. The solo mom whose only child has his own family to attend to or perhaps, has to leave for work abroad. The brokenhearted. The handicap who, for some reason was abandoned by the relative caregiver overwhelmed by the challenges of caregiving. Covid-19 survivors whose relatives have to stay distant for obvious reasons. The recently widowed who missed the company of the deceased partner during this season.

Holiday blues can hit anyone at any given time.

God is watching these people from a distance but not so distant that He cannot hear their cries. God sends the compassionate caregiver; the grandchild who suddenly remembers her doting grandmother. God sends the secret admirer and lets the brokenhearted experience a ”kilig” moment. During this new normal, God arranges for a virtual caroling to the house of the widow and to the handicap, a stray dog to pet.

God works in mysterious ways and that we are surprised when things work out well even if we are faced with the gloomiest situations.

So to those who are blessed with the company of loved ones on this holiday of holidays, this is the time of the year to thank God for the wonderful opportunities and perhaps, the rare moments accorded to us during the pandemic.

On a personal note, for the past months during this pandemic, I risked my vulnerability as a senior citizen with a pre-existing health condition and hurdled eight trips to the barangay amid the Covid-19 threat to prove that nobody is exempted from the Animal Rights law. Furthermore, I also stood my ground that nobody, rich or poor, has the right to malign or insult anybody. Existing laws were drafted to protect us and violators have to face the consequences.

Although I was exposing myself to getting infected with the dreaded virus, I was able to attend all barangay hearings and stayed healthy, got my certificate to file action and certified copies of the minutes. Charges against the errant pet owner can now be filed in the proper court.

As my way of thanking God, I intend to give back by appreciating the year-round efforts of the garbage collectors, the security guards in the subdivision, the cleaning lady, Terio who drives me around, and Boy Rey, the handyman. Merry Christmas everyone, whose services made me live with comfort and ease.