Fetalvero: Respect for life

Noemi Fetalvero
·2 min read

WE ENTER the new year with utmost optimism that a vaccine will be terrifying for the dreaded coronavirus. We are also confident that once we get the vaccine, everything will be back to normal. But health experts warn us against complacency.

Another threat is looming due to the nature of viruses to mutate. The United Kingdom is reportedly plagued with a virus believed to be more infectious than Covid-19. Apart from being cautious, and in compliance with health protocols already in place, we leave it to health experts to guide us to a more stringent measure on preventing the spread of another wave of mutated coronavirus.

As Christmas Day was approaching, what went viral other than Covid-19? Double murder cases that were filed against SMSg Jonel Nuezca hogged the headlines. There were a lot of questions asked as to why the policeman continued to be in the service, despite several rap sheets against the police officer. In all of the charges against Nuezca, it was obvious that the policeman has an anger management issue.

Mayo Clinic suggests tips to tame one’s temper:

Take a few moments to collect your thoughts before saying anything. As soon as you’re thinking clearly, express your frustration in an assertive but non-confrontational way. Physical activity can help reduce stress. A few moments of quiet time might help you feel better. Work on resolving the issue at hand. Stick with “I” statements to avoid placing blame on others.

Do not hold a grudge. Forgiveness is a powerful tool. Use humor to release tension.

Practice relaxation skills. Know when to seek help. Early intervention could have prevented the murder of two unarmed civilians. It has been my observation that failure to impose preventive measures by authorities is partly to blame. Remember the tourist bus that claimed the lives of Iranian physicians? Barriers on the road side were put up after the accident.

A very recent accident in Toledo claimed four lives while there are several still missing believed to have been buried in the mining site. When lives are at stake, should not the response be faster than lightning? Perhaps, the half a million reported deaths as a result of Covid-19 has gotten us immune to the concept of death.

Life is still precious and proof of this dictum are the life saving efforts of our first responders, the medical team in our hospitals, the government’s consistent reminders of health protocols and the urgency of Covid-19 vaccine.