Fetalvero: Sanitary wipes, anyone?

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There are more safety health measures than washing hands more often, wearing face masks and face shields and maintaining social distancing.

In my trips to laboratories for different tests, I noticed several areas where we should be aware of further contamination and spread of the virus.

The pen being used to sign patient information sheet is passed on from one patient to the next. Therefore, bring your own pen.

Alcohol and wipes should be handy in case you touch documents and door knobs in the CR, flush the toilet and handle receptacles for specimens to be submitted. For precautionary measures, take a bath after each trip to doctor’s clinic, hospitals and laboratories.

ATMs are also contaminants. To ensure that the machine is safe to use, bring your own alcohol and spray the plastic cover or you could wrap your finger with sanitary wipes before proceeding with whatever transaction.

The carts at the supermarket are handled by hundreds of customers. Before I maneuver the cart, I use sanitary wipes to disinfect the handle. While at the grocery, I avoid touching my face since items that I may have handled could be contaminated. After I check out, I spray my hands with alcohol. Then when I reach home, I have a designated place where to put the grocery items. I have to disinfect them with sanitary wipes before storing them in the pantry.

When out shopping, we handle cash. I make it a habit to spray my hands with alcohol after each transaction. While out to do some errands, it is inevitable not to use our cell phones. It is therefore advisable to have a case for the gadget when you are putting it in your handbag along with the other personal belongings and to disinfect the cell phone when you reach home.

We have to be vigilant in ensuring that business establishments are serious in observing health protocols. There are some beauty parlors and barber shops that are rather lax. It is better to bring your own comb and hair brush.

Some restaurants and coffee shops no longer deliver the food you ordered to the table. They provide you with an electronic gadget that beeps when the food is ready for pick up at their counter. After handling the gadget, do not forget to disinfect your hands.

Alcohol and sanitary wipes are not really expensive. However, how many of our citizens are into the habit of using them during this pandemic? The more serious question is whether or not our poorest of the poor have these items in their budget?

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