Jericho Rosales’ ‘Alagwa’ hits mainstream cinemas

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in ‘Alagwa’[/caption]

Bugoy Cariño, Jericho Rosales, Alagwa, Manila Bulletin

Star Cinema is giving Jericho Rosales’ award-winning indie film “Alagwa (Breakaway)” a Philippine mainstream theatrical release, in line with its 20th anniversary celebration.

For the past year, “Alagwa” has been making its rounds as an official selection in various international film festivals around the world having won numerous awards, most notable of which is its victory at the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival where Jericho won Outstanding Achievement in Acting. Locally, Jericho has also won Best Actor at both the 2013 Gawad Urian and the 2013 Gawad Tanglaw for his superb portrayal in this intense and chilling advocacy film that centers on the loving relationship of a father and a son, and how it is shattered by human trafficking.

“Alagwa” also won as Best Indie Film at the 2013 PMPC Star Awards For Movies and at the 2013 Third World International Film Festival in Milpitas, California where it likewise won as Best Indie Film Of The Year, besting 700 other films from 30 countries around the world. The movie was the closing feature film at the recent Guam International Film Festival where it won Best Narrative Feature Film and Outstanding Achievement In Acting (Best Actor) for Jericho.

Prior to the Newport Beach Film Festival, “Alagwa” was showcased at the Busan International Film Festival in Korea where it was profusely praised by The Hollywood Reporter. The Hollywood Reporter described “Alagwa” as “a low-budget standout.”

“Alagwa” toured Malaysia (2013 ASEAN International Film Festival), and participated in three festivals in India as well as in Palm Beach, to mention a few. The movie had several special screenings in Manila, particularly in 2012’s Cinema One Originals festival and it also had two special private screenings at the residence of US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr.

With the mainstream theatrical release of “Alagwa” here in the country, Jericho (who is also co-producer of the film) and director Ian Lorenos (who won Best Indie Director and Best Screenwriter in the 2013 PMPC Star Awards for Movies) are united not only in entertaining Pinoy moviegoers but also in educating them about the horrors of human trafficking. In Newport Beach, celebrities who are passionate about the cause of human trafficking like Jada Pinkett-Smith supported Jericho and “Alagwa.”

“The film is essentially a story about a father and his deep love for his son. Bugoy who played my son in the movie did an excellent job. In fact, he won the Best Supporting Actor award when the film participated at the ASEAN International Film Festival. Bugoy and I tried our very best to depict the deep love that our characters shared for each other,” says Jericho.

“Alagwa” also stars Leo Martinez, Smokey Manaloto, John Manalo, Jeremiah Rosales, Inaki Ting, Garry Lim, Nanette Inventor, Jamieson Lee, EJ Caro and in a very special cameo role, the beautiful Malaysian star, Carmen Soo.

“Alagwa” had its red carpet premiere at SM Megamall last Oct. 7, and will start its official run at SM Cinemas today, Oct. 9.


[caption id="attachment_23965" align="alignleft" width="300"] JAKE MACAPAGAL in ‘Metro Manila’[/caption]

Jake Macapagal, Metro Manila, Manila Bulletin

‘Metro Manila’ Opens Today

The movie “Metro Manila,” which portrays an immoral and poverty-stricken and violent segment of Metro Manila, won the Audience Award during the recent Sundance Film Festival in the US.

Filmed on location in a sleazy district of Metro Manila and at a poor farm in the Mountain Province, the movie has become UK’s foreign movie entry to the forthcoming Oscar awards night.

British-produced and directed by Sean Ellis, the movie’s content is Filipino with a Filipino cast headed by Jake Macapagal, with Althea Vega, John Arcilla, Ana Santos, Mil Canapi, Moises Magisa, Erin Panlilio and Jess Rodriguez, among others.

It is very common among people in remote areas of the Philippines to seek a better fortune in Metro Manila, only to find themselves trapped in a ghetto, and the poverty they are supposed to escape from, they find it again and this time even worst.

This is exactly what happens to the family of Oscar Ramirez when he leaves his nature-rich hometown to seek greener pasture in Metro Manila. He becomes trapped in a jungle of squatters, sleazy bars and violence, where he and his wife become the victims.

The lesson learned here is that one must not just seek a better life in Metro Manila if one is not well-informed and armed with the needed qualifications to work in a decent, well-paying job.

Kudos to director Sean Ellis for having successfully captured and portrayed the kind of life that is still gnawing at the lives of the less fortunate, and the uneducated who practice the “bahala na” attitude or come-what-may. The story is a vicious cycle, an adventure from poverty to poverty, and even worse, at the finale


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