Filipina nurse in Canada permitted to practice in Manitoba

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Filipina nurse in Canada Ronna Sigua first submitted her application to work in Manitoba in 2013. (Photo: CTV News)
Filipina nurse in Canada Ronna Sigua first submitted her application to work in Manitoba in 2013. (Photo: CTV News)

A Filipina nurse in Canada has won her appeal to work in Manitoba, a decision of the Council of the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM) revealed.

A panel of the CRNM council sided with Ronna Sigua in a decision released on Aug. 11, saying that she’s certified to work in the province under a domestic trade agreement.

“It is the decision of the panel that these provisions apply to Ms. Sigua,” the panel said in the decision as reported by CTV News. “Therefore, we allow her appeal and direct that the CRNM register Ms. Sigua as a registered nurse in Manitoba.”

The decision required the CRNM to admit Sigua to work as a nurse in Manitoba, which her lawyers said could also have a positive impact on other foreign-educated nurses and health workers to work in the said province.

However, Sigua’s lawyer said that while they were successful, the litigation was completely unnecessary.

“Of course, Ms. Sigua is pleased she was successful in her appeal, but notes that for her this litigation has been time-consuming, stressful, expensive, and in her opinion, completely unnecessary,” Evan Edwards, Sigua’s lawyer, said.

“Further, while the college was fighting this case, the province has been deprived of the much-needed services of a number of fully qualified registered nurses.”

According to the decision, Sigua first applied to the CRNM for registration in 2013, but she was advised that she would need further education such as completing a basic nursing education program, and more education than what the Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program or Red River College RN Refresher Program could offer.

Despite being permitted to work in Quebec and in Ontario, where she was a registered mobility applicant in 2020, her second application to CRNM was denied, and said that she is required to undergo a Clinical Competence Assessment.

She appealed the college’s decision and argued that she’s entitled to be registered as a labor mobility applicant in Manitoba.

Manitoba’s Health Minister, Audrey Gordon, said in an interview with CTV News that she’s looking forward to working with the CRNM and other nursing colleges to facilitate the registration of more internationally-educated nurses to practice in Manitoba.

"We will leave no stone unturned in exploring options to fill nursing vacancies in Manitoba, including through programs like this IENs in Manitoba project, as well as recruitment process improvements, retention strategies, training spot increases, and immigration efforts,” she said.

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