Filipiniana-inspired prenup hits social media

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THE Covid-19 pandemic has never stopped the creativity of Filipinos insofar as prenuptial photoshoots are concerned.

We’ve seen it all—from crazy costumes to extravagant “eleganzas”, but sometimes the most beautiful prenup pictures give a nod to the classics.

Here’s a couple who chose to have a traditional Filipino-themed prenuptial photoshoot.

A timeless and elegant classic.

With the theme "Kabanatang Walang Hanggan," couples Remon and Novavie chose to have a Filipino-culture-inspired prenuptial photoshoot.

Novavie said the Philippines is known to be rich in history and culture, that is why they decided to preserve it through the concept of their wedding.

"It has always been our dream wedding as a couple since then," said Novavaie. The prenup was shot on October 24, 2020, by Neil Christian Belciña.

Novavie and Remon have been a couple for 12 years, and on November 28, 2020, they will finally tie the knot at St. Joseph Parish Church in Bueva Caceres, Oslob.

Everyone has their dream wedding, but whatever that may be, what's important, is being one with the one you love. And now let our response be #Sanaall. (RSR)