Filipino actor apologizes for dressing up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween

No one in their right mind would show up to a Halloween party dressed as Hitler, so why anyone would choose a real-life convicted serial killer as their costume is anyone’s guess — but that is exactly what one Filipino actor did, earning the internet’s justifiable ire.

Martin del Rosario, who has starred in several popular local TV series, recently shared pictures of himself attending a Halloween party dressed up as Jeffrey Dahmer, the subject of the Netflix true-crime hit Dahmer, which, as everyone knows, is based on the true story of the American serial killer and cannibal who killed at least 17 people.

The controversial TV series, created by Ryan Murphy, has sparked a gross amount of interest among those fascinated by the macabre — to the point that eBay had to ban costumes inspired by the real-life serial killer (indicating many people had the same terrible idea as del Rosario). And while people have long been dressing up as killers like Freddy Kreuger and even Chucky, the main difference is that those characters are fictional while Dahmer was a real person, as were his victims.

In the now-deleted Instagram post, the actor posted photos of him channeling Evan Peters’ portrayal of Dahmer, which did not sit well with many.

“Dear Martin del Rosario, Jeffrey Dahmer is NOT a costume. He’s not Michael Myers, he’s not Freddy Kreuger, or Jason. Those are made up characters, he was a real monster,” Facebook page Main Pop Girls Stanposting wrote.

“Why don’t you know that your ‘costume’ is a real-life killer who killed real people? It’s like wearing a costume of somebody who killed people in the Philippines,” another wrote.

The actor took down the photos soon after and released a statement on his Instagram stories.

It read, “I sincerely apologize if I offended some of you with my Halloween costume. I did not intend to create buzz for my personal gain nor exude that attitude of indifference towards the victims of the character I wore. My intention was to celebrate Halloween in a simple costume during an intimate dinner with family. If I have hurt anybody or have become insensitive, I sincerely apologize. Please trust that it was nothing intentional. It was just for the spirit of Halloween.”