Filipino content creator shares 10 things he observed in Nigeria

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Filipino content creator shares his observations in Nigeria
Filipino content creator @pinoyinafricaadventure shared 10 things he found interesting about Nigeria and its people. (Photo: Pinoy in Africa Adventure/TikTok)

A Filipino TikTok content creator has posted in his account 10 things he observed about Nigeria and its people after visiting the country recently.

According to Pinoy in Africa Adventure (@pinoyinafricaadventure), one of the most memorable things he observed is how loud the voices of Nigerians are, even if they’re only casually talking.

“They have [a] loud voice. You think that they’re fighting but [they’re] not. It’s normal,” he said through captions, while dancing to the tune of a Nigerian song.

He also observed how they have no patience in driving, always wanting to be the first on the road.

The country also has no stable electricity, with their lights going on and off like three times or more.

Also among those that he observed is that gap teeth are considered attractive in the Nigerian culture, which is why he jokingly said that he will go to his dentist the next day to have gap teeth.

He also found it interesting that only man can run as president of the country. Since its formation 58 years ago, Nigeria has never had a woman president, although Sarah Jibril, a Nigerian politician and philanthropist, had run for president at least four times.

Nigerians, according to him, love pepper, hate sugar but love Maggi. They also spend two to three hours in mass every Sunday, twice as long compared here in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, he also likes the fact that Nigerians love music and dancing, and the fact that they have their own English called “pidgin English.”

And like Filipinos, Africans don’t follow time, as they have their own African time.

“They say I’m on my way even if they are in their house,” he said.

Generally, this Pinoy TikToker has been receiving positive feedback from Nigerians. Some are joking with him that he’s already privileged for having light three times a day, as some areas in the country could go months without electricity.

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