Filipino in Dubai uses GoPro to film roommates in shower

Pretty sure this isn’t the kind of “action” action cameras were made for.

An unnamed Filipino working as a clerk in Dubai has admitted to filming his female housemates while they showered by installing a GoPro camera inside their bathroom, Gulf News reported on Saturday.

According to the report, the camera was first noticed by one of his housemates, a Filipino woman working as a secretary in Dubai.

She saw the lens above her head last month and told other people living in the flat about it. They then removed it from the bathroom ceiling and decided to look at the camera’s memory card where they found footage of some of them naked in the shower.

They confronted the suspect about the camera, which he admitted to owning.

The victims decided not to report the incident after the man claimed that he did not have any more images of them.

The day after their confrontation, one of the female housemates checked the memory card again and found that the suspect actually had more than 100 photos and videos of them in the shower.

That’s when they decided to report the techie Peeping Tom to the police.

According to the same report, the suspect has been charged with molesting the women and breaching their modesty, which he pleaded guilty to in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

In a testimony, one of the victims said they found out that the guy had been filming them since December. According to a police officer, the man also admitted that he would watch the recorded footage to please himself sexually.


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